General Business Disputes

In the course of a legal career spanning more than 40 years of service and having represented clients as an advocate, or having ruled upon cases as a District Judge/Arbitrator or settled disputes as a Mediator, Mike has been involved in every conceivable type of business and personal dispute.

Does your case involve:

  • Personal Injury,
  • Business Contract Dispute,
  • Land Lord Tenant Dispute,
  • Insurance Coverage Dispute,
  • Family Law Dispute,
  • Homeowner Insurance Claim,
  • Sexual Harassment Claim,
  • Employment Dispute,
  • Collection Dispute,
  • Mechanics Lien Claim,
  • Construction Litigation,
  • Financial Transaction Dispute,
  • Partnership Dispute,
  • Class Action,
  • Shareholder Dispute,
  • Antitrust Case,
  • IT Claim,
  • Defamation/Libel/Slander,
  • Product Liability Claim,
  • Premises Liability Litigation,
  • Fraud Claim,
  • Oil and Gas Litigation,
  • Probate, Will and Estate Contest,
  • Guardianship Dispute,
  • Civil Rights Claim,
  • Partnership Dispute,
  • Borrower/Lender Dispute

If so, then the chances are quite good that Mike has, at one time, either represented a client as an advocate trial attorney, mediated or ruled on it in his capacity as a Judge and Arbitrator.