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Finding a date and time to schedule a mediation can be a challenging process. Recognizing the difficulty of coordinating the schedules of busy counsel and their clients, MMAS provides this scheduling calendar to make the process of finding a consensus date to meet and mediate as efficient as possible for all participants. MMAS offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of the parties. Mediations may be scheduled for a full day, half day and two (2) hour sessions.

Please click on the preferred date and time slot to submit a mediation reservation request.

If you want to mediate on a specific date that is shown not to be available, please contact us. Dockets change; mediation setting dates change for many reasons so it may be possible to accommodate your matter.

If you are submitting a request for a particular date, the date you are requesting will not be confirmed until all parties agree to mediate on the date you have selected. At MMAS we will agree to hold a particular date and time for up to seven (7) days to await confirmation from all parties that the date selected is a consensus date. Once confirmed, MMAS will mark the selected mediation slot as “taken” on its scheduling calendar.

Once you select a date and time slot from the online calendar, an Online Mediation Intake Form will pop-up on your screen. Please fill it out completely and click on the submit button. An email will be sent to our office with a confirmation email sent to you as well.

Once a date is confirmed with all parties, a formal Mediation Setting Notice will, very shortly, be sent to all counsel and/or parties.

Click here for information regarding our cancellation policy.