Arbitration Practice

Judge Metcalf’s judicial philosophy is grounded in a conservative view which holds that the trier of fact is bound to follow the law as laid down by Congress, the relevant legislature and the appellate courts having immediate jurisdiction over the dispute in question. Judicial interpretation, when called for, should be restricted to applying well defined interpretive principles announced by appellate courts having jurisdiction over the dispute.

Judge Metcalf has been appointed by the Courts to preside in arbitration proceedings when no arbitration provider was named by the parties. He received a judicial appointment as a Special Master pursuant to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure to handle pre-trial discovery disputes. As an arbitrator associated with the National Arbitration Forum Judge Metcalf has presided over numerous disputes. He is also routinely requested by litigants to serve as an arbitrator in numerous private disputes. Judge Metcalf has ruled upon a wide variety of arbitration cases. Cases he has decided have included insurance coverage, employment disputes, commercial, consumer contract litigation and construction disagreements.

As a former District Attorney, District Judge and trial lawyer certified in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Judge Metcalf has handled, tried and ruled on just about every conceivable cause of action that could be lawfully maintained in a court of law.