Asian Disputes

While serving as an officer in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, Mike lived in Taiwan for over two years. Mikes duties as an Army JAG lawyer assigned to a command in China required him to work closely with his Chinese legal counterparts, both military and civilian. The Taiwan experience also afforded Mike a unique opportunity to study and learn about Chinese culture and habits. The understanding of China was enhanced as Mike learned to speak Mandarin.

Although not a part of his duties as an Army JAG officer, Mike joined the Rotary Club of Taipei. He served as the Sergeant at Arms in the Club for two years. Being involved in the only English speaking Rotary Club in Taiwan afforded Mike the opportunity to meet and participate in many activities with numerous Chinese and other foreign businessmen.

Through contacts from the civilian and military establishment in Taiwan, Judge Metcalf became a member of the Pi Chiao International Law Society. Pi Chiao was an organization with a membership comprised of distinguished Chinese attorneys, Judges from the high courts of Taiwan, Deans and Professors from the Chinese law schools and American attorneys. It was formed many years earlier as a vehicle to allow communication with a view toward promoting better understanding and cooperation between the American legal community and the Chinese legal establishment.

It is from this extensive background and experience that Mike has been called upon numerous times to mediate disputes arising between parties from throughout Southeast Asia, China, India and the Middle East.

Parties to mediations Mike has conducted have joined the process via Skype from South Africa and Australia. Numerous cases have been settled telephonically from Mikes office in Florence, Italy.